Top Ten Ways To Tell You Have Too Many People At Your Seder

  1. You can't find anywhere out of sight to hide the afikomen

  2. To recline while drinking the wine, you all have to lean in unison

  3. You have to sketch your living/dining room on graph paper

  4. You have to use a microscope to divvy up the knaidlach

  5. When you rotate the verses of "Echad Mi Yodea?", someone ends up singing "Who knows 39? I know 39

  6. You start looking at ads for closed circuit TV and auxiliary speakers

  7. While waiting for everyone to wash their hands the second time, the matza rises

  8. Even the kids complain that they don't have enough maror

  9. When you recite the names of the ten plagues, the locusts really ring a bell

  10. When Elijah shows up, you give hime his wine "to go"

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