Top Ten Reasons for Celebrating Purim

by Kenneth Goldrich

  1. Making noise in shul is a MITZVAH!!

  2. Levity is not reserved for the Levites

  3. Nobody knows if you're having a bad hair day. You can tell them it's your costume

  4. Purim is easier to spell than Chanukah, I mean Hanukah, I mean, KHanukah, I mean Chanuka, I mean the Festival of Lights.

  5. You don't have to kasher your home and change all the pots and dishes.

  6. You don't have to build a hut and live and eat outside (but you could volunteer to build a new Purim booth for next year's Carnival)

  7. You get to drink wine and drink wine and drink wine and you don't even have to stand for Kiddush (I guess you can't!)

  8. You won't get hit in the eye by a lulav

  9. You can't eat hamantaschen on Yom Kippur

  10. Mordecai - 1 ; Haman - 0 !!!!

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