The Top 13 Jewish Country & Western Songs

  1. Achy Breaky Hip

  2. I Got the Guilt, You Got the Gelt (I Went and Cut Another Notch in My Belt)

  3. Take This, "Job," and Shove It

  4. I'm Cryin' in My Manischewitz ('Cause I Lost Rebecca Levitz)

  5. Ever Since My Circumcision, My Baby's Been Short With Me

  6. All My Exes Made an Exodus

  7. The Shiksa's Gonna Hit the Fan

  8. This Bris! This Bris!! Unchoppable!!!

  9. Four Thousand Years of Sufferin', and I Had to Marry You

  10. My Woman Gave Me Crabs, and That Ain't Kosher

  11. I've Starved and I've Suffered and I've Parted the Sea Just to Find That Your Bush Wasn't Burnin' For Me

  12. Homeland on the Range

    and's Number 1 Jewish Country & Western Song...

  13. Alright, Already, Enough With The Infidelity!

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