Top 10 Jewish Songs
(but for you, we'll make it 37!)

  1. Lucy on El Al with Abe Diamond

  2. Happiness Is a Warm Bagel

  3. Rocky Racoon's Bris

  4. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Oy Vey Band

  5. With a Little Help from My Cantor

  6. Ask Me Why [This Night Is Different from Other Nights]

  7. Magical Minyan Tour

  8. Can't Buy Me Love [Wholesale]

  9. Helter Skelter, Shmelter Felter

  10. I'll Follow the Sun to Get Your Pledge

  11. I Want to Hold Your Brisket

  12. The Long and Winding Services

  13. I'm a Loser at Mah-jong

  14. Run for Your Life Already

  15. She's Leaving Home Sholom

  16. Lady the Yenta

  17. Luzzamoff {Let it Be}

  18. Baby You're a Rich Man [Come and Meet My Daughter]

  19. Maybe I'm Aggravated

  20. Short Fat Solly

  21. When I'm Four Times Chai

  22. You Never Give Me Your Discounts

  23. Jealous Goy

  24. Instant Torah

  25. Back in the Shtetl

  26. Baby Won't You Light My Menorah

  27. You Never Give Me Your Money

  28. The Ballad of John, Yoko and Schlomo

  29. Give Pesach a Chance

  30. Maxwell's Silver Mezuzzah

  31. Shekel Lane

  32. Do You Want to Know a Secret [I Eat Ham]

  33. All You Need Is Gelt

  34. Fixing a Hole [No Way, Call Somebody]

  35. Why Don't We Do it in the Shul

  36. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and the Rabbi

  37. Hey Jules

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