JCN's Top 12 Rudolph Giuliani gestures to please Jewish voters

  1. Inducts NYPD policemen on Mount Massada

  2. Changes name to Rudy Golan

  3. Recognizes Likud as the legitimate representative of the Israeli people

  4. Suspends alternate side of the street parking for Tu Bishvat

  5. Promises job of schools chancellor to Shas, the ultra-Orthodox Israeli party

  6. Renames Washington Square to Baruch Goldstein Square (corner of Waverly and Kahane)

  7. Poses nude for Tikkun magazine

  8. Dips the Big Apple in honey in Times Square on New Year's Eve

  9. Institutes mandatory moment of kvetching in Public Schools

  10. Changes name of city to Nu York

  11. Bans Wagner from Lincoln Center concerts

  12. Refuses to shake wife's hand because she's married to a gentile

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