The Jewish Origin of High Tech

Q: What English language edition of Chumash is ideal for the Computer Age:
A: Hertz Edition

Q: What is the large print copy called?
A: Mega Hertz Edition

Q: What is the large print edition of the Stone Chumash called?
A: Mega-lith Edition Chumash

Q: How are they now distributed?
A: As freeware: the five disks of Moses.

Q: What is the most recently compiled edition of the Jewish Knowledge that help reconcile revelation at Sinia with the computer age?
A: "Torah for Dummies" available on CD-Rambam.

Q: Why do we blow the shofar on the day of rememberance?
A: To recall the original ram memory.

Q: Why are we sure the computer was a Jewish invention?
A: Every keyboard has a scroll key.

Q: Why are we sure the Internet was a Jewish Invention?
A: Because Jews are known of their large nodes and we have been talking about the promised LAN for over 3000 years...

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