Nisht in Shabbos Gereht

For the uninitiated. "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht" is an expression that "religious" Jews use on the Sabbath when they are about to say something inappropriate for discussion on the Sabbath day.

These two guys are sitting in Shul on Shabbos morning when the first guy says to the second, rather quietly and secretively. "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but I've just put my car up for sale."

The second guy responds, just as quietly and just as secretively. "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but what kind of car is it?"

First guy: "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but it's a Cadillac, late model, low mileage, and is in creampuff condition."

Second Guy: "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but how much are you asking for it?"

First Guy: "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but I'm asking 15 thousand dollars."

Second Guy: "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but let me think about it."

They meet again in the afternoon at Mincha, when the second guy corners the first guy and says quietly, "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but I'll offer you 12 for it."

The first guy responds, "Nisht in Shabbos Gereht, but I sold it already."

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