The Ballad of Doivd Chochett

To the tune of "The Ballad of Davy Crockett"

by Mickey Katz

NOTE FROM LORI: This was sent to me from a visitor to this page, who couldn't remember it in its entirety. His notes are in italics. If you know the rest of the song, please email it to me at

Born in the wilds of Delancy Street
Lived on gilfilte fish and kosher meat

Lived in the wilds so he knew not a tree
Flecked him a chicken when he was only three

Dovid, Dovid Crockett; King of Delancy Street.

In eighteen-toiteen, he fought "Indianes,"
Den came the "Litvaks" and the "Galitzianes,"
??? redskins all over the shteitle,
He never lost his head...he never lost his sheitle.

Dovid, Dovid Crockett; King of Delancy Street.
He went down south, lookin' for a meidle.
Met a little tsatskele named DaisyFreidle.
From near und far, dey came to the "chippie,"
I think that's coloquial for "chuppah?"
Elected him president of the B'nai Mississippi.

Dovid, Dovid Crockett; King of Delancy Street

He went out west on his small horse, Schloim Sam?,
Took along Daisile, his wife, alles schoen,
Schloim hat g'fliet--like and air-a-plane,
He got to Las Wegas ahead of the train.

Dovid, Dovid Crockett;
(he vent up to the crap table with a full pocket)
Dovid, Dovid Crockett; King of Delancy Street.

He shot like a gembler, owner of die veld,
Up came two sixes...und drer d'geld.
He felt very sad, dat's my opinion,
He vould of said kaddish...but he couldn't find a minyan.

Dovid, Dovid Crockett,
(he lost his pants an' he vent home nahkid),
Dovid, Dovid Crockett,
He's back on Delancy Street.

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