Blues for Jews

by Benny Gourionne
(aka Stephen D. Gross)

We got Hebrews
They play da Blues
and den they sit a-
round an' Shmooze
Then they eat Latkes
It's like a hot kiss
that burns the heart

When Jascha Heifetz
plays the fiddle
it's jes' like I sits
in the middle
of two young chippies
from Mississippi
who sing the Blues

If Itzhaak Perlman
played blues with me
we'd get some girls, man
they'd make coffee
we'd pet their poodle
then eat their strudel
baked with the Blues

Give me some quarters
fire up them jukes
Talmuddy Waters
plays the Five Books
he even says, Ma
that he plays Kelzmer
behind da Shul

We got shmaltz herring
and kishke too
Some fat back matzoh
and goulash stew
but stop your honkin'
about that Flanken
It still can't Moo

Well Benny Goodman played clarinet
and sweet Al Jolson
he sure could sweat
Then Bo and Fats heard
how Mickey Katz purred
They're listenin' yet

We love Yom Kippur
dat's when we fast
then we feel chipper
we eat at last!
carry no money
but milk and honey
they chase the blues

Dem guys with hoods
they run at dawn
a big Menorah
burns on my lawn
they'd like to cook us
come kiss my tuchas
til'you turn blue

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