Jewish Business Secrets

Hymie Cohen and his friend Mick Murphy have adjacent shops on New York's East Side. After five years Hymie owns the whole block, while Mick only has a small shop.

"Hymie, I'm fed up. We both work the same. Tell me, what's the secret of Jewish business success?"

"Easy," replies Hymie. "Gefilte fish."

"Gefilte fish? Well, could you let me have some?"

Hymie sells Mick a pound for $10. On his way home, Mick notices another shop selling Gefilte fish for only $4 per pound. He returns to Hymie's. "Listen, Hymie, it's very kind of you to give me the secret of Jewish business success, but I saw gefilte fish on sale down the road at less than half the price."

"See," said Hymie, "it's working already!"

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