Cyber Rav at Pesach

It has come to my attention in these busy days before Passover that many Jews of all persuations are busily cleaning up and kashering their homes and businesses from chometz (leaven foods) and are missing one of the most important places to be concerned about.

That of cyberspace and their personal websites!!!

As it is written in our holy Torah: (Shmot 12 verse 18-22)

"Seven days shall there be no leaven found in your houses: for whosoever eateth that which leaveneth, even that soul shall be cut off from the congregation of Israel, whether he be a stranger or a native of the land".

Our Rabbis of blessed memory defined "houses" to also include businesses and ALL of our possessions. This also includes cyberspace. For as we know most of us are living and working here more than anywhere else. AND for those of you who cannot bring themselves to sell and close off their cyberspace home for eight days, you MUST clean, and check thoroughly in its entirety all of your personal webspace.

What does this include? As we know that chometz gamor cannot as yet exist in cyberspace, we must check for the next best thing which is VIRTUAL CHOMETZ (vc) or all words, pictures and sounds that pertain to chometz.

To help out everyone in this tremendous endeavor, we have made available virtual chometz checking kits (vcck) that can be sent directly to your e-mail box. These kits include a virtual feather, beeswax candle, bag, wooden spoon, and match.

For those of you too busy or not conversant in cyberspace cleaning, we have automatic search engines set up twenty-four hours a day (excluding Shabbat and holidays) to search for chometz. You will be notified of which chometz you possess and asked if you wish to sell it or have it removed and destroyed. Please also let us know if you allow leugems (kitniot), or gebrachts.

If you wish to have it sold, it will be sold to a non-Jew and stored in his personal ftp site until after the eighth day and then returned. Send us your address for the virtual contract at:

For those of you not wanting to have to worry about surfing and finding yourself in a non-Passover setting, we are now proud to offer you MATZONET. MATZONET is the work of many fine yeshivah boys surfing the net and identifying sites of questionable content. When you sign up and log on with MATZONET, you will be kept out of websites not certified Kosher for Passover again depending upon your level of kashruth.

Coming next time;

The requirement of placing a mezuzah on the entrance to your website.

Chag Kosher v'Sameach!!!!!!!!!!!

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