Everything's Coming Up Moses
(a.k.a. The Joe Lieberman Song)

By Alan Friedman

(Parady as Sung by Al Gore)

Who'd have guessed? Whoever knew?
Such commotion when I picked a Jew

Starting here, starting now,
Baby, everything's coming up Moses

Joe is wise, and he's deft,
So what if he reads right to left?
He's devout, Clinton's out,
Baby, everything's coming up Moses

There's an aura,
My campaign's energized,
Votes will pour-
Soon we can all dance the hora.
It's an exciting time,
At state dinners we'll all say L'Chaim,
We'll serve beef, axe the pork,
Now we'll carry New York,
And I can take my Saturdays off, too,

Baby, everything's coming up Moses
For me and for you!

(c) Southern Discomfort Productions. Used with Permission.

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