Gabbai Chain Letter

Dear Fellow Gabbai:

This letter has been around the world at least seven times. It has been in many major synagogues. Now it has come to you. It will bring you good fortune. This is true even if you don't believe it. But you must follow these instructions:

Within one year, you will be blessed 10,000 times! This will amaze your family, assure your unbounded success and improve your religious life. In addition, you will bring joy to many colleagues. Do not break the loop, but send this letter on today.

The illustrious gabbai Itzik J. of New York received this letter and within a year after passing it on was picked as chief gabbai of all New York State! Fred W. threw the letter away and lost all his money on the stock exchange. Judas H. received the letter and put it aside. That week, he forgot to give an aliyah to the shul president (!) and by mistake called only six people to the Torah instead of seven. He found the letter and passed it on, and later that week was acclaimed gabbai of the year. Rabbi Adrian B. did not pass the letter on, and he was told that day that his shul was to be dismantled and he was out of a job! This could happen to you if you break this chain.

  1. Dina Sara ben Haman (Shushan)

  2. Steven Wendel ben Augustus (Ramallah)

  3. Shlomo Shlomo Shlomo ben Shlomo Shlomo Shlomo (Holy Temple)

  4. Menahem Israel ben Soussa Mahmoud (Jerusalem)

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