The G-dliness of Marriage

According to the Talmud, a Roman matron once asked a rabbi, "In how many days did the Holy One, blessed be He, create the Universe?"

"In six days," he answered

"And what has He been doing since then, up to now?"

"He has been arranging marriages."

"Is that His occupation? I, too, could do it. I possess many male and female slaves, and in a very short while I can pair them together."

He said to her, "If it is a simple thing in your eyes, it is as difficult to the Holy One, blessed be He, as dividing the Red Sea."

He then took his departure.

What did she do? She summoned a thousand male slaves and a thousand female slaves, set them in rows, and announced who should marry whom. In a single night she arranged marriages for them all.

The next day they appeared before her, one with a cracked forehead, another with an eye knocked out, and another with a broken leg.

She asked them, "What is the matter with you?"

One female said, "I don't want him."

Another male said, "I don't want her."

She forthwith sent for the rabbi and said to him, "There is no god like your G-d, and your Torah is true..."

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