Hamentosh Rock

Words by Ron Reff

Sung to Jingle Bell Rock

Hamentosh, Hamentosh, Hamentosh-en
Roll out the dough and spread the fill-en
Wind up the groggers and lets make some noise
All you girls and boys

Hamentosh time is a nosh time
The Purim holiday
You can bet I'm
gonna get mine
My favorite pastry with some cafe ole

The King's on the throne and Esther's the Queen
Living in Shushan's the best that it's been
Make your noisemakers the loudest you can
One more time... Haman!

Hamentosh time is a nosh time
The Purim holiday
It's a swell time almost springtime
So give Mordechai a hip-hooray!

Swingin from the gallows
Swingin on the floor
Swingin around the clock
Mix & mingle
if you're married or you're single
That's the Hamentosh
Time to get a nosh
That's the Hamentosh - Rock

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