Have Yourself a Happy Little Hanukkah

By Megan Anderson

(To the tune of "Have Yourself A Merry Little X-mas")

Have yourself a happy little Hanukkah,
Dance around the "Hanukkah bush,"
Help your mom make the good potato latkas,
Or (no offense) you might be eating schmutz.

Spin your dreidles over and over,
Then get your family and play,
And when your grandma isn't looking,
Take all her gelt away!

Sit and listen to stories about the olden days,
When those Maccabees were around,
Make sure you don't fall asleep in boredom,
Or you wont get the hidden gifts you've already found.

Then it's time to open the presents,
Open the big one first,
But don't be mad when it's a big dumb winter coat...........
Just smile and later throw it off a boat!!!!!!

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