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Yeah!! I've finally gotten to start my own humor page. I've gotten all of this stuff from friends e mail, off the internet, etc.. I tried to give credit whenever I know the author/source, but most of them are anonymous or from a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. If you know the author of an "anonymous" joke, please either email me or sign the guestbook to let me know!

Animal Humor

Arts and Entertainment Humor

College Humor

Computers and Technology Humor

Employment and Business Humor

English and Language Humor

Food/Dieting Humor

Generational Humor
(Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers, the WWII Generation, etc.)

Holiday Humor

Jewish Humor

Kids/Parent/Teacher Humor

Medical Humor

Men/Women/Relationship Humor

Politics, Government, Law, and History Stuff

Regional/Travel Humor
(NYC, South, California, Europe, etc.)

Miscellaneous Religion Humor

Science Humor

Mushy Stuff

Miscellaneous Humor (Stuff I Can't Think of a Category For)

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