Chinese Jews

There were a group of New York Jews touring several cities in China. One day in Beijing, they happened down a side street and one spotted a Star of David hanging in front of what appeared to be a synagogue. With considerable curiosity, one member of the party stuck his head inside, and sure enough, it was a synagogue, and a service was in progress. Quietly, the New Yorkers entered and seated themselves to enjoy the Chinese service.

When the services came to an end, all the Chinese Jews rose and were filing out, the Rabbi was out front shaking hands, and thanking members for coming when he noticed the group of New York Jews.

He smiled and said, "And who might you kind souls be?"

The leader of the New York group explained that they were a group of American Jews travelling the lovely country of China and were somewhat surprised to find a synagogue in China, but had thoroughly enjoyed the service."

At this point, the Chinese Rabbi interrupted and said, "B-b-b-but you don't rook Jewish!!"

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