Paratrooper in Israel

An American Paratrooper named Mike O'Brien decided to join the Israeli Air Force. Things were just too quiet in the States. He explained that he had lots of experience and was raring to go.

The following Thursday he is outfitted with a parachute and told they were going to jump over th Golan Heights. He asked, "Where is the second chute?" The officer in charge told him only one was necessary. He asked, "What do I do if it doesn't open?" The officer said "you say the Shema and you have nothing to worry about". He asked the officer how to say the Shema, and he practiced it diligently.

Sure enough his first time out the chute doesn't open. He says the Shema and an enormous hand suddenly appears and catches him and gently lowers him to the ground. On his way down he is so stunned by the enormity of it all he says, "Jesus Christ!" The hand turns over and drops him out.

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