Golf Club

Shloyme Silberstein has become rich and wants to show off. So he orders his driver to drive him to this new exclusive golf club with his new Cadillac. But unfortunately a sign at the door unmistakably states that Jews are not permitted access. So the driver wants to return, but not Shloyme!

Shloyme says: "Wait here for me."

His driver responds: "But don't you see the sign, they will kick you out immediately!"

Shloyme : "But I don't have to tell them I am Jewish." And he leaves for the gate.

So the driver waits... One hour... two hours... three hours... Indeed, finally after three and a half hours Shloyme is kicked out by two body-builder type guardsmen.

The driver asks: "What happened?"

Shloyme answers: "Everything was fine until we played hole number eight! Accidentally I shot my ball into one of these ponds. I shouted: 'Oh, my G-d, what shall I do now?' And then the waters separated and everybody knew..."

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