Religious Positions

A young orthodox couple, about to get married, are consulting with the Rebbe on the question of marital responsibilities and do's and don'ts. As they proceed with the discussion, the questions begin to deal with acceptable positions in which the soon-to-be-newlywed couple may engage in the ultmate expression of their physical desire for each other.

"Rabbi", asks the young man, "are we allowed to make love in a sitting position?"

The Rabbi thinks a bit and replies in the affirmative.

"Rabbi" he asks again, "can we make love in the spoon position?"

Again the Rabbi thinks a moment and responds in the affirmative.

The positions are beginning to become more and more complicated, yet in each case, the Rabbi responds affirmatively. Then, the young man says, "Rabbi, what about in the standing position. Are we allowed to make love standing up?"

Without hesitation, the Rabbi says, "Oh no, my children, that is definitely not allowed!".

"Why?", asks the young man.

"Why? Well, because making love standing up COULD lead to ... dancing!!"

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