Jewish Sniglets

A Sniglet is a made up word. Richard Hall (Not Necessarily the News, HBO, Sat. night Live) published several Sniglet books.

  Shacharace - The mad dash to finish Shacharis especially on weekdays

  Talistless - forgetting to bring your tallis to shul

  Tfillines - The marks left on your arm after you take off the tfillin 
	(I saw this in the Jewish Press Purim issue a while ago)

  Musaphering - Waiting for a chazan who drags out kedusha during musaph

  The Bein Hashmashot Zone - Jewish equivalent of the twilight zone. 
	More commonly called "The 18 minute Zone".

  Kiddash - the mad rush to get to the Shabat Kiddush

  Hagbotch - Someone who flubs hagbah

  Havdalust - that yearning you get on the long summer days wishing 
	Shabbat would be done already

  Besamimic - the fake sniffing sounds people make as if they are 
	smelling besamim even though the're not

  Kipunt - any attempt to kick a falling yalmuke before it touches the 

  Yarmulcult - The current "fad" of other religions to wear colorful 
	Jewish looking yarmulkes on their heads, beacuse it's fashionable.

  Chewlent - The hard tough crust on the top of the chulent

  Kishcake - The crust stuck to the kishke wax

  Kishcase - the wax that holds the kishke together

  Keichalla - Any usage of egg keichel as a sandwhich board such as 
	placing a piece of herring between two keichels, or using the 
	keichel to mop up the herring sauce

  Esrogaine - What you need after you pay the high price for an esrog.

  Aridvos - arovos that have been stripped of their leaves

  Asher yatzurres - the bracha you should make if you're constipated

  Arbah Kanfostration - The annoyance of getting your tztitzit caught 
	in your pant's zipper.  

  Tzitzistics - The act of counting how many tzitzis you have.

  Shaboss - The mother who gives her children strict rules about 
	cleaning up before Shabbat.

  Shabbes Stick - Any lipstick that is permissible for use on 

  Adon Adon Olam - The boy who sings Adon olam in the shul. Not 
	to be  confused with the "Ani Anim Zemirot" and the "En 
	K’en K’elokeinu"

  Siduream - Assortment of torn siddur pages or clips stuck into a 

  Drashush - Sounds the congregation makes requesting that people be quiet
	for the rav’s drasha

  Mazal Toffees - The hard candies thrown at a chatan at his aufruf.

  Od Yesmash - The act of breaking the glass under the chuppah.

  Aidems - The strong men who are called upon to lift the chatan an 
	dkallah during the dancing.

  Badekink - Any flaw the kallah's parents find at the last second 
	such as smudged lipstick, eye shadow, a broken heel, etc.

  Temple Alav Hashalom - Any temple where the weekly Yahrtzeit 
	list is larger than the number of shul attendants.

  Posul trussle - The gartel (rope, string) tied on the outside of an 
	unusable Sefer Torah

  Ducheninkompoop - a Kohen who intentionally decides that during 
	duchening, he will sing his own unique tune.

  Nagel Vassearch - (note: nowadays, less of a problem); The act of 
	finding a dry clean place to dry your hands on that huge long 
	"conveyor" towel that came out of a dispenser.

  Tachachamun - Someone who figures out a way to avoid saying 
	Tachanun by finding a shul that has a chatan or a brit, etc.

  Shtiebl-bul - The assortment of unstacked, tossed about 
	chumashim, siddurim and other sefarim found in shtiebls.

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