Jews in Japan

On a Jewish holiday in Tokyo, Harry Siegel, far, far from his home in Staten Island, asked the Japanese hotel clerk, "Excuse me. Would you happen to know if there is a Jewish synagogue here in Tokyo?

"Synagogue?" replied the clerk. "Ah, so Siegel-san. Ah, yes! Is synagogue! Leave hotel, walk down street two blocks, turn left - banzai! - is synagogue!"

So Mr. Siegel left the hotel, followed the clerk's directions, and there - lo and behold - was a synagogue. He entered. All of the worshipers were Japanese, as was the rabbi, and the Purim services had begun. Mr.Siegel happily joined in. When the services were over, he went up to the rabbi and said,"My name is Siegel. I'm from America. I just want to tell you, Rabbi, how very happy I was to be with you tonight."

The Japanese rabbi beamed. "Is honor! But excuse, you Jewish?"

"Certainly" replied Mr. Siegel.

"That's funny," said the rabbi. "You don't look Jewish."

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