Jewish Oscars 5760 (March 2000)

Getting the jump on the Oscars this weekend are the "Irvings", awarded for excellence in Jewish movies this week in Miami Beach at the Rascal House. The Early Bird will be canceled that night.

The following have been nominated:

The Six Cents: 3 Jews each put in their 2 cents worth

Goy Story 2: Jewish man divorces a shiksa, marries another

Isn't She Gevaldik: Yeshiva boys read Jacqueline Susann Supernova: Space scientists discover powerful strains of lox

Snow Falling on Seders: Unexpected storm disrupts Passover

Angela's Kashas: Woman reveals secret recipe

Girls, Interrupted: Women's section of shul shushed during davening

Stuart Ladle: Mouse makes chicken soup on Shabbos

The Seder House Rules: Zadie lays down the law on Pesach

The Talmudic Mr. Ripley: Believe it or not, he knows gemorah

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