Jewish Newspapers

As told by Alan Dershowitz in "The Vanishing American Jew"

There once were two Jews reading their newspapers over a cup of coffee in a late-nineteenth century Viennese cafe. Kurt is reading the liberal Yiddish-language newspaper and shaking his head from side to side, uttering soft moans of "Oy vey" and "Vey is meir." Shmulie is reading the right-wing anti-Semetic German-language tabloid and smiling.

Kurt, noticing what Shmulie is reading, shouts at his friend, "Why are you reading that garbage?"

Shmulie responds, "When I used to take your newspaper, all I would ever read about was Dreyfus beign falsely accused, the Jews of Russia being subjected to pogroms, anti-Semitic laws being enacted all over Europe, and the grinding poverty of the Jews in the Holy Land. Now, ever since I take this paper, I read about how the Jews control the banks, the press, the arts; how Jews hold all the political power behind the scenes; and how we will soon take over the world. Wouldn't you rather read such good news than such bad news?"

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