King David's Top 7 List

From our home Temple in Jerusalem. King David's top seven reasons Jesus was not the Messiah.

  1. Unwritten Messianic rule: Not allowed to have more than 100 million innocents murdered in your name.

  2. At least David Copperfield reappears.

  3. Required to fulfill minimum of one Messianic prophecy in Tanakh within first 1,000 years (or first 1,500 years if extended Messiah warranty coverage is purchased).

  4. Before telling followers to believe based on faith alone, forgot to say, "Simon says".

  5. Unlike Maimonides, didn't have enough sense to listen to mother and become doctor.

  6. Is unquestionably considered Messiah in Poland.

  7. Isaiah warns us not to follow a man-made religion led by a "carpenter" in Chapter 44.

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