A guy goes to his rabbi and says, "Rabbi, I'd like you to make me a Kohen."

The Rabbi replies, "I'm sorry, I can't do that." The man then offers the Rabbi a substantial donation to the shul if he could do this.

The Rabbi replies, "That sure would be a much appreciated donation. I'd like to accept it. But I still can't make you a Kohen."

So the man increases his offer.

The Rabbi replies, "Wow. The shul could certainly use this large contribution. I'd really like to accept... but I'm afraid I still can't make you a Kohain."

So the man says, "Look Rabbi. This is really important to me. I'm prepared to donate $100,000 to the shul if you just make me a Kohain."

The Rabbi replies, "$100,000! We could build a new wing for that! I wish I could accept it, but I still can't make you a Kohain. But, tell me, please, why are willing to donate so much money to be a Kohain?"

The man replies, "You see, it is very important to me. My father was a Kohain, my grandfather was a Kohain..."

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