Lieberman as Vice President??

Now that Senator Joseph Lieberman has been selected as Al Gore's running mates, we thought it would be interesting to consider the possible scenarios if an Orthodox Jew should ever make it to the White House...
  1. State of The Union Address would end with a UJA appeal.
  2. Air Force One grounded on Shabbos and Yom Tovim, and seats reconfigured to allow space for minyanim.
  3. Young Israel of Pennsylvania Avenue due to open across the street.
  4. Supreme Court justice's robes to be routinely checked for shatnez.
  5. Mohel appointed Surgeon General.
  6. Traditional Easter Egg Hunt on White House lawn replaced by bedikas chometz.
  7. Israeli diplomats visiting White House for State dinners will have to pre-order treif meals, or risk having to eat glatt kosher with everyone else.
  8. First Lady's inaugural gown to be ordered with matching snood.
  9. National Prayer breakfast to conclude with Daf Yomi Shiyur.
  10. Secret Service to confer with local Orthodox Rabbis to discuss feasibility of enclosing the White House and Capitol in an eruv.

Some translations:
Young Israel - 	  a synagogue chain
Shatnez - 	  wool and linen mixed together (a no-no for Jews)
Mohel - 	  Rabbi who circumcizes a boy on his 8th day
Treif - 	  non-kosher
Glatt kosher - 	  meats supervised by a rabbi
Snood - 	  hair covering for Orthodox Jewish women
Daf Yomi shiur -  a page of the Talmud in a class, or lecture
Eruv - 		  the enclosure of a small community so orthodox Jews 
			can carry on the Sabbath

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