by Michael Turniansky
[based on Exodus Ch. 16]

(to the tune of "Mame")

NOTE: The Hebrew word for "Manna" is "Man"

What falls down from the heavens at night? Man!
What is this food all shiny and white? Man!
What is this stuff we're eatin'?
Gosh, it can't be beaten for the taste!
If you eat less than your
omerful then it will go to waste.

What rains down twice as much on day six? Man!
So on Shabbat we're not in a fix? Man!
This food's so appetizing,
And what's more surprising, it is fun!
Whatever's left ungathered,
melts away in the midday sun.

What is this truly marvelous stuff? Man!
We just can't seem to gather enough -- Man!
It truly is a great big nes!
It doesn't even make a mess!
The greatest food, we all confess -- Man!

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