Matzah Number Five

to the tune of "Mambo Number 5"

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name's Louis Bagel, and this is Matzah Number Five.

One, Two, Three Four Five,
Everybody likes to eat corn beef on rye

And I, like my bagels in the toaster
But Oy Vey! I won't eat ham & cheese it's really not Kosher

I love some gefilte fish
A good K'nish didn't like my brish

Yamulkes, Florida, Kashka and Matzah,
I eat Kreplach, it's kinda like pasta

White fish, herring, but please no pork
Lox so big you gotta use a knife-n-fork,

My oh my, it's so good let me eat it
Potato Latkes, oh boy! you can't beat it!

I really love that Hannukah lasts eight nights
A little bit of Passover is allright,
A really big Bar Mitzvah's what I had
I'm movin' to Miami just like my dad,

Rosh HaShannah, the Jewish New Year
I really like a bagel with some schmear,
My mother's name is Esther, my dad is Stan
I'd like to go and see Barbara Streisand!

Oh Yeah!

Matzah Number Five!

Matzah Number Five!

Oy Vey! Oy Vey! Let's Go! Let's have a nice party!

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