Matzah For the Masses

Perhaps we should label it as our national bread,
For it was all we could bake on the path Moses led,

And wandered through the desert, after Egypt departed,
On a journey that was Biblical and heavenly-charted,

Sinai was our refuge after building pyramids of clay,
And no bakeries were open on that Exodus day,

So matza became our staple meal and feast,
An unleavened delicacy, without a trace of yeast,

Onward towards Mt. Sinai, our salvation from a high,
With sacrifices of matza balls, and plates of matza brei,

Vast supplies of the bread of affliction we did bake,
To last thru centuries of Passovers and Haggadah retakes,

Ever present on our Seder table, a holiday treat,
Flat pieces of dough, tasting more like cardboard than wheat,

Relax, as matza can make only Passover bleak,
We'll be back to buttered toast, pitot and bagels next week!

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