Doris dated Bennie several times, but she always evaded talking about her family. She realized that he would have to meet her mother sometime if their relationship was to last. Finally she arranged a luncheon at a restaurant for Bennie to meet Mom in neutral territory.

"Mom has a few quirks." said Doris "Please humor her, Steer the conversation away from eating. Avoid being invited to dine at our house at all cost, and please, please, never mention latkes".

Bennie was puzzled, but Doris' mom was very pleasant and the luncheon conversation was flowing smoothly. Mom was interested in Bennie's family (what else?), their occupations, interests, etc. Beanie's tongue was loosened by a second glass of wine. He forgot himself and started raving about his aunt Rifka's cooking.

"So what did she make?" prodded mom.

"Oh the best borsht in Brooklyn"

Doris saw it coming and rolled her eyes and put her finger across her lips but it was too late. Bennie was carried away and forgot what Doris had told him.

"...and her blintzes were so fluffy and lat--"

Bennie saw that Doris had turned completely pale.

"Latkes! yes he likes latkes!" shouted mom. Doris was now choking. "Bennie, you've just have to come for latkes...I've got trunks full."

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