Palestinians Aim For Better Rocks

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (DPI) -- "The quality of the debris that the Israelis leave behind in the streets has gone downhill," said Abdul Linbanjos, Palestinian riot organizer. "They've taken all the good stuff for themselves and what's left is substandard. Take this rock. It has no trajectory! It crumbles in flight! How are we supposed to hurt anybody when it turns into pea gravel after we throw it? This bottle breaks into tiny pieces upon impact. Where are the shards of sharp glass meant to cut our enemies to shreds? And the neck so short, a burning rag won't stuff into it. How are we going to mount an effective uprising if all they leave us is inferior materials? This is another example of the degradations that we must suffer at the hands of the Israelis. We demand that Israel return to us those quality projectiles that are rightfully ours!"

Reported by Dave Henry (with parts ripped off from Davejames) The Daily Probe April 8, 1998

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