Passover Plane

There was once a Jewish pilot who was asked to test a plane for the military. On a test flight, when the test pilot started to take off, the wings fell off at the end of the runway. His boss was in a state of panic, and ordered that the wings be riveted back on. The next day when the pilot took off in the plane, something didn't feel right so he took the plane in for a landing.

Just as the plane touched down, the wings fell off again along the rivet lines. Now his boss was over the edge. He no longer knew what to do, and the company would fold and he would be bankrupt if a solution could not be found.

The test pilot told his boss that he would speak to his Rabbi and after Passover he would tell him what to do.

When he returned to work he instructed the crew to make perforations in perfectly straight lines along both wings both on top and on the bottom.

When his boss found out, he was furious.

The next day was the military test. The pilot banked to the left and to the right, did loops and rolls and then brought the plane in for a perfect landing. Everyone was amazed that this plane with all the holes in the wings could fly and the military placed an order on the spot for the planes.

As soon as they all left the boss asked his pilot what his rabbi had said. The pilot told him that the rabbi said to make the perforations and to pray to G-d every day. His boss wanted to know how the holes prevented the wings from breaking off in a straight line.

His pilot answered with a question.......Have you ever tried to break a piece of matzo on the lines?

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