Passover McDonalds

Spring, 1997

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Two all beef patties on a potato flour bun?

For the first time, McDonald's Corp. is changing its bun recipe in Israel for the Jewish holiday of Passover, which starts Friday night.

During the week-long holiday, the fast-food chain's nine restaurants in Israel will sell hamburgers on buns made from potato flour. They also will make chicken McNuggets with flour made from matzo, a flat unleavened bread eaten on Passover.

Jewish law forbids any foods that are allowed to rise, such as bread made with yeast, during Passover.

McDonald's food is not kosher -- approved under Jewish dietary law -- so many religious Jews would not eat there anyway. The restaurants serve cheeseburgers, for example, while Jewish law forbids the consumption of meat and dairy products at the same time.

"There are a lot of non-religious people in Israel who don't eat bread during Passover," said Irina Shalmor, a spokeswoman for McDonalds in Tel Aviv. "We want to cooperate with our customers."

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