Pesach Quiz

1) What kind of cheese do you eat on Pesach?
a) Any permssible cheese with a proper hechsher.
b) Matzo-rella.

2) Which tastes better?
a) Whole Wheat Matzah.
b) The box it came in.

3) Pesach in Australia is called
a) Passover.
b) Passunder.

4) Chad Gadya refers to
a) Livestock.
b) The star of an early '70s TV medical drama.

5) Pesach ends a day earlier in Israel because
a) Israelis can't wait that long for fresh pita.
b) It provides incentive for the rest of us to move there.

6) The "Wicked Son" is today
a) The head of a major international financial conglomerate.
b) A high ranking official in the State Department.

7) The "Wise Son" is today
a) A well know cult leader.
b) Elvis

8) Immediately after repurchasing the chametz, one should
a) Check to see that all the pesach dishes and utensils are put away.
b) Go out for pizza.

9) Pesach cake recepies taste like a mouth full of sand...
a) Because its the best they can manage, given the limitations.
b) To remind us of 40 years in the desert.

10) The Rabbis stayed up all night in Bnai Berak ...
a) telling of the departure from Egypt.
b) waiting for the busses to start running again in the morning.

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