Puff, The Kosher Dragon

Puff the Kosher Dragon,
lived in Palestine
and frolicked in the Synagogue
and drank Mogen David Wine

Good Rabbi Friedman,
loved that rascal Puff
and fed him lots of matzoh balls
and other Jewish stuff.

Then one day it happened,
Puff went and ate some pork,
so good Rabbi Friedman
took away that dragon's fork.

He told that naughty Puff
that dragons don't each such meat
that come from little piggies
with their dirty little feet.

Oh, Puff etc.

Puff became bar mitzvahed
Put on tefillin every day.
Wrapped up in his tallis, oh
That's the way he'd pray.

He said bracha before eating,
He bentsched after every meal.
Imagine how religious
It made that dragon feel.

Oh, Puff etc.

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