Shidduchim Questions

Questions About the Person's Father

What color shirt does he wear on Sundays?

What kind of jacket does he wear on Sundays?

Does he wear brown shoes on Shabbos?

Does he wear loafers or laces or Shabbos?

What kind of hat does he wear on Shabbos in the summer? (Felt or straw?)

Does he sing 'zmiros' at the Shabbos table?

Does he sit or stand for Kiddush?

If he plays ball, does he wear sweatpants?

Questions About the Person's Mother

How much does she weigh? (Do they want to marry the mother?)

Does she bring home her own groceries, or are they delivered?

If she does it herself, does she walk with a shopping wagon in public?

What did HER mother (the grandmother) do in Europe?

Does she get dressed up for Friday night or wear a robe?

If she wears a robe, does she wear a snood or shaitel?

Does she use paper tablecloths for Shabbos or cloth?

Is the linen tablecloth covered with plastic?

Does she use china, regular plates, or paper plates on Shabbos?

Does she use china, regular plates, or paper plates in the Succa?

Does she use silver or stainless steel for Shabbos?

Are side dishes on Shabbos made at home or bought?

If they are bought, are they served in the original plastic containers?

Family Questions

Will they sign a contract for support? (Verbal contract not acceptable)

Where do they daven?

Girl Questions

What size is the girl? (Dress, not IQ)

Does she have red hair?

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