Sinai Wilderness Experience

A major national environmental organization that also sponsors outdoor outings has just published its 1994 Outings schedule. Those who appreciate backpacking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor adventures will want to sign up for the following outing displayed in their "International" section:

TRIP# 10COM613

15 Nisan - 15 Nisan

Breathtaking wilderness vistas, profound religious experiences, as well as hunger, thirst, and hostile locals will all be in abundance during this 40-year adventure on foot through the famous Sinai Peninsula. Pack animals will carry our loads as we rush away from the overcrowded megalopolis of Lower Egypt on our journey to the land of Canaan. As we leave Egypt we will experience an exciting crossing of the Sea of Reeds and have a serious discussion of wetland preservation issues with local environmental activists. During our trek, we will receive important teachings, learn how to find water in the desert and how to purify unpotable springs. For artisans in the group, we will construct the world's first fully portable, backpackable, ecologically sensitive religious shrine as a group project. Nutritious food will be airlifted in daily, further reducing the loads on our pack animals. Dietary Laws and Sabbath VERY strictly observed. You don't have to be Jewish when you start out, but you will be at the end!

Trip Leader: Moses Rabbenu

Price: The Egyptians are paying us to leave.

Deposit: Please slaughter a lamb without blemish and daub some of its blood on the doorpost of your house. The trip leader will be in contact with you on the night of 14 Nisan. Please be ready to leave immediately.

If approved by the trip leader, you or your descendants will be able to participate in companion trip JOSH12TRI, "Canaanite Conquest Caravan"

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