Vashti's Song

Tune: With a Little Help from My Friends
Lyrics- Latifa Berry Kropf

If you were the queen and the king ordered you to dance before some drunken guys Would you say YES or then would you say NO-- wanting to be truly wise. Well, I said NO and I'm glad that I did Achashuerus blew his lid

His Depravity destroyed him
He just needs someone to love
His future looks mighty grim
He lost me, Vashti his love
Well he got high with some help from his friends
Should've said bye to his lascivious friends
I know he's gonna miss me
He needs somebody to love
He won't find another Vashti
We all need someone to love.

Sisters take a lesson from me
Self dignity will set you free
Forget the palace, the glitz and the jewels
Find a man who lets his heart rule.

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