"We Are Jews"

(To the tune of "Be Our Guest")

We are Jews, we are Jews
From our head down to our shoes.
Tie your Tallis round your neck and say your Bar'chus's.
Hamentash, Matza Balls...Can you hear the shofar calls?
Try chopped liver, it's delicious.
Don't believe us? Try Knishes.

We can pray. Sing Hallel. After all, we're Yisrael
And the flag we fly is always white and blue.
Go on unroll the Torah. Come let's dance the hora.
We are Jews, we are Jews, we are Jews.

On Purim, we can yell. At Havdalah, spices smell.
Yom Kippur - No food for sure. The Pesach story we retell.
We are smart, we are strong. The Rabbi's sermon's way too long
No One's gloomy or complaining while the Cantor's entertaining.

Help the poor. Never lie.
Say your prayers to Ad-nai!
Giving Tzedakah you can't refuse
We've got a lot to do, to help the world improve
For we are Jews, we are Jews, we are Jews.

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