Yiddish Superlatives

by Sholom Aleichem

from A Treasury of Jewish Humor

strong     	stronger        	a tree
clever     	cleverer        	a mamzer
strong     	stronger        	an iron
stingy     	stingier        	a pig
gentle     	gentler         	a charlatan
fat        	fatter          	a kugel
scrawny    	scrawnier       	a dog
broad      	broader         	a barrel
black      	blacker         	a tomcat
yellow     	yellower        	wax
rich       	richer          	stuffed
good       	better          	without gall
bad        	worse           	a Haman
beautiful  	more beautiful  	a piece of gold
ugly       	uglier          	ugly as death
soft       	softer          	butter
wet        	wetter          	to wring out
dry        	drier           	pepper
hot        	hotter          	a bathhouse
hungry     	hungrier        	haven't had a thing in my mouth all day
thirsty    	thirstier       	fell with my face to the ground
pale       	paler           	a handsomer one they bury
naked      	nakerder        	just as his mother bore him
innocent   	more innocent   	just go and milk him!
foolish    	more foolish    	just go and salt him into the pickles!
           	                	just go and marinate him in cabbage!
possible   	more possible   	what do you mean "not possible"?
certain    	more certain    	what a question!
right      	more right      	of course!
much       	more            	p-s-s-sh

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