The Retired Mohel

Rabbi Meir Leib, a well known and respected Mohel, decided to finally retire after 50 years of service to the Jewish community. One oddity about the Rabbi, was that after every circumcision, he saved the pieces of foreskin he cut off. After so many years, and thousands of Brises, his collection was enormous.

One day, the Rabbi happened upon a leathersmith's shop. The Rabbi brought with him, ten shopping bags full of foreskins.

"What can I do for you today Rabbi"? Asked the shopowner

"Vell, I tell you vat you can do for me, I have here a remembrance of my many years as a Mohel. I vant you to make for me something nice. A lampshade or something." replied the Rabbi.

"Don't worry Rabbi, I'll make you something special, come back next week" promised the leathersmith

The following week, the Rabbi returned to the leathersmith's shop, quite excited to see what was made for him.

"Nu, you make something for me?" asked the Rabbi

"Yes, of course Rabbi, here it is", says the shopowner as he hands the Rabbi a small, flat, square box.

As the Rabbi opens the box, his small tired eyes suddenly grew large and he shouted, "VAT IS DIS? TEN BAGS OF FORESKINS I BRING TO YOU, AND ALL I GET OUT OF IT IS A SMALL VALLET? HOW CAN YOU DO DIS TO ME??", tears began forming in the Rabbi's eyes.

"Take it easy Rabbi, Please! It may look like a wallet, but if you stroke it, it turns into a suitcase"

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