Shushan on Purim

to the tune of the song "Copa Cabana"

Her name was Vashti, she was his show girl
She was the jewel in his crown, even though he got around
His royal highness, drunk at his party
Told her to bare it all, but she wouldn't heed his call
Didn't like what she said, honor cost her her head
The point of this all being that the king re-wed

Back in Shushan, Shushan on Purim
Monarchs weren't much for decorum
In Shushan, Shushan on Purim
The king's every passion, was always the fashion
Back in Shushan, he axed his love

Her name was Esther, she was of our tribe
With help from Uncle Mordecai, she gave being queen a try
Went to the pageant, king looked her over
And Esther was so fair, that the others had no prayer
He told his chaimberlain, no need to look again
And took her back to palace right there and then

Back in Shushan, Shushan on Purim
The King found someone to adore him
In Shushan, Shushan on Purim
Days full of bliss, with a lovely Jewess
Back in Shushan, he fell in love

His name was Haman, he was quite evil
He was the king's right-hand man, and he hatched a deadly plan
Talked to the king and, he won him over
There's some people who won't bow, must get rid of them right now
And when he sold his lie, planned to hang Mordecai
And drew lots for the day that we all would die

Back in Shushan, Shushan on Purim
We didn't get much of a forum
In Shushan, Shushan on Purim
Haman's evil scheming soon could be leading
To Shushan, drenched in our blood.....

Shushan on Purim, Shushan on Purim.....

Her uncle told her, she was our last chance
She would have to see the king, and tell him everything
But Achashverous, was no New-Ager
If his sceptre wasn't out, she was through no doubt
But the king loved her so, to dinner he would go
And the tables would turn on Haman now Ach was in the know

Back in Shushan, Shushan on Purim
Haman built gallows used for him
In Shushan, Shushan on Purim
Esther saved us all when she answered our call
Back in Shushan, thank G-d for love.

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